Reasons to be cheerful

Well it is nearly Christmas, why not take the chance to think about how good or bad things are. Take me as an example, a self diagnosed sufferer of CFT, life is good, but I am tired too much of the time. And yes it does make things complicated. Having said that I live in a first world country, with a Universal support system of sorts, and I am not starving. My children are growing up at a rate that I never expected, and we are trying to steer them on a good path, I guess every parent knows how that feels.

Looking forward to 2020 I have a feeling things will be much the same, at least that is How it feels to me today. You never know I might find more motivation and more time for blogging.  Perhaps a spurt of energy for a new business venture or website, we will have to see.   Good luck for the new year to you, and like me think about what you want to achieve, make a plan and go for it !

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