The begin of everything lie in the foundations. A message to the bridging crowd, look at your portfolio as a whole. the complete hotel, house, caravan etc. Then think about and reassess your goals, why are you in the market trying to sell when you could just be managing your stock. In other words you might want out of a bridge when you could easily switch to a let situation. It might be easier than you think !

The art of being a financial adviser Adivsor.

Well having observed the industry for a number of years I am arriving at the conclusion that most FA’s are a bit like peacocks, the spread their feathers to impress. Hence all the misleading statements about what they can do for you. Yes you, save, spend do as I would like you to do.

So I get paid that is the bottom line, whether the advice is good or bad in the long run, we all need to make a living, and what if you (the customer) feels that the advice was wrong? Do you find another adviser, complain to the FOS? Who knows the right answer because each person is an individual with a different set of hopes, plans at different times of their lives.

Enjoy the good weather because before we know it the days will be getting shorter again.

Reasons to save money.

I am so fortunate I live in a weather proof box, rather too large to heat in the winter and probably not as well insulated as it could be.

This brings me onto education and school, you see what we teach our children will effect our future, maybe there will be plastic free aisles in the supermarkets, and should we look at the way we package our Easter eggs? May be we should teach our children to use the bins or take their rubbish home and not litter the seas or our environment. Blue planet 2 style have made some good points, but I fear there is no escape from plastic it’s just too convenient. Could you really imagine walking into any shop, ahem Supermarket and not buying something wrapped or packaged in plastic? I doubt it would happen in my lifetime, even if the government try and tax single use plastic. The mind shift for consumers is too great, and too expensive to package our food in other ways.

As you can tell I have still not found what I am looking for, and if you want to buy some plastic , most Cars are about 50% plastic these days. Or if you want to get rid of some credit card plastic then get in contact or phone for some advice 07975 581081

2018 has arrived and what has changed?

Where did the time go, the stats look good unemployment is low, interest rates are still at Historic lows. Inflation though is above the target 3% according to the Daily Mail.

Life goes on, more people are at work, most don’t have enough protection to insure against, illness, unemployment etc. And yet the PPI mis-selling scandal goes on until the deadline of August this year. I wonder what all the people who are in employed in PPi mis-selling business will do? Average Wages aren’t rising and yet the cost of living is going up, who bridges the gap, there is no more money?

I am still freelance for about my 10th year which is nothing like working for a bank or an  insurance company I can assure you. Oh well I hope 2018 is good for you, and for me too !



Refurb finance for House in Multiple occupation

Funding for multi let houses is now easier to obtain than previously thought, so for purchase or money for refurbishment is available with only a £99 application fee and quick lender decisions.

Not only can you refurb HMO’s but you can do commercial property and residential property too.


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