Changes are happening to SERPS.

SERPS or the state earnings related pension, is having a few rule changes from the 5th Of April this year. Previously when buying your annuity you had to allow for a 50% spouses pension, this will now no longer be the case. You will at retirement now have the option of how you wish toContinue reading “Changes are happening to SERPS.”

Approaching retirement

Simple steps to take when thinking about retiring. 1. Have you requested or recieved a forecast of your state old age pension. I have read that if you delay taking a pension at Normal Retirement Age that you can increase the benefit paid out under this scheme. I wonder if anyone can verify this statement?Continue reading “Approaching retirement”

Moving away from Pension planning for 5 minutes

Okay why would you want to move away from pension planning? Maybe you’ve got to retirement and suddenly realised that after you’ve drawn your pension and got any state benefits that your entitled to, that you just don’t have enough to live on. What then ? Well there is more that you can do forContinue reading “Moving away from Pension planning for 5 minutes”

Lets think about interest rates for a minute.

One recent bit of news in the UKis the increasing cost of inflation, the implications of this could be serious if the rate of inflation increases too much. Will this happen? If it does interest rates will increase and a fixed rate mortgage for those who are borrowing will be a top priority. However thereContinue reading “Lets think about interest rates for a minute.”