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Why anyone would write their personal opinions on line for everyone to see I don’t know, but I guess if your getting paid for it there would be slightly more motivation.

Inflation what a load of old baloney, milk at the co-op reduced to £1, Bread if you can call it that 75p. The cost of second hand cars through the roof, and if you want to get home improvements done don’t expect much change from £7.5k. (Four windows and a Patio Door) Shop around is what my business partner says !

There you have it the bank of England swear that inflation is here and my word interest rates might start to look “normal” cough cough. If your suffering the £20 a week cut in Universal Credit you don’t feel inflation. If you look in the garden centre there seem to be more staff than customers and the Christmas trees are still £14.99 even after Christmas. However the good news is you can pick up a Pretty calendar for £4.99 which is half price.

Happy new year 2022 is going to be pretty much like last year I guess, covid is going to do one, at least I hope so. Just the blinking fuel bill, may be there is inflation, at whose expense?

Signing off in Jeremy Clarkson type way Bollocks to 2021.

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