Christmas 2021

What a year that has just been, a new virus just arrived in the UK, how much more can we take, what will the government have in store for January? Not another lock down surely.

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It’s the year that didn’t happen, and the only person to blame is of course yours truly, no excuses, it just didn’t happen my dreams of building an iconic Trump type tower didn’t happen. In very simple terms I didn’t take the actions to make it happen. In fact in most unusual times the local council back tracked on a whole field of development, most unusual however finally some of the morons in the council might have woken to the fact that most of the island where we live is only 6 feet above sea level. YES hello, we going to be underwater soon anyway. Plus we don’t need any more infill development and yes all the poor farmers who desperately want to give way our food growing fields to greedy developers. Well I am sorry mate you might just have to do something useful with your fields like grow food.

Anyway I hope you and yours have a good Christmas and lets hope next year is a Healthy and a Happy one.

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