Freedom of speech about “Net Zero”

This is the great thing about the internet there is almost anything that can be said and as long as it is not blatantly racist or inciting violence you can not go wrong because it is just thoughts and words. So here I go todays, little thoughts from me!

We’ve had this funny couple of weeks in the UK press around energy. OK so first they announce a shortage of gas and prices rising at some stupid rate. Next the British people rush out and buy petrol, (A bit like the Loo roll situation 18 months ago). This got me thinking because a lot of energy people talk about the race to net zero, I was thinking what is net zero about? Is it us thinking of ways to reduce our use of fuel. Or is it a greater concern, as in I think back and actually at school when they said no more petrol after the North sea supplies run out, well it appears that production of North sea oil is dropping and will continue to do so, this is according to graphs produced ONline ! So actually net zero might be a bit like the future, when there is no gas and no petrol. Well I think I might open an electric battery factory on a large scale, would anyone like to join me? I know the big car / transport companies are already investigating this and it is hardly surprising. How much am I panic in the short term mode and how much is a real future concern, about where our fuel will come from?

Who knows, who cares but if you would like to joint venture with me on battery production get in touch !

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