Covid19 the lock down

The walk to the office this evening opened a new sense of perspective to me. The air smelt fresh not laden with Petrol and Diesel Lead. I smoked for the first 20 years of my adult life, so my sense of smell has been depleted over the years, but I still know NO2 or polluted air.

Why can’t our children get a bus to school, or even better walk, why don’t we have decent cycle paths built by the side of the road as standard, yes it might mean relining the odd bit of front garden, but I would give up my one yard of front garden to make room, especially if people used it. For a cleaner air healthy purpose on their bikes.

What has this to do with Covid, nothing it is more to do with the fact that people don’t seem to be making so many unnecessary journeys, social isolation and less people rushing to the high street for their unnecessary Café lattes, which by the way are just as easy to make at home.  Yes not good for the oil based car driven economy.

Oh well in 12 weeks this virus hopefully will be finished, and can we start to continue thinking about living our lives in less polluting sort of way.

PS. If you are thinking of living for a more retired, sedentary life then don’t forget there is always an IFA with a webcam ready to give you some advice, before your funds pile through the floor along with the FTSE.

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