Enterprise Investment

It is life Jim but not as we know it. 

The great shift from paper to computer, which is how I see my industry changing. OK the fewer trees needed to mass produce reams of paper the better.  (Please note the lack on Australian bush fire and general farming increase in the South American rain forest jokes).

It’s got to be good right, and so have the systems to capture this data and process it, It could save tonnes of human work, but I still believe that people buy from people, not robots.

Having said that a huge amount of data can be easily stored and retrieved using computers, there will be less hunting for that piece of paper with pre-recorded information. A customer could have already typed in their basic credentials. The stuff that takes time to record, there is already tonnes of data stored by banks / insurance companies in this way.   So how could I capitalise on this knowledge and beat the big boys.  EASY   Enterprise Investment that is how !




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