Moving away from Pension planning for 5 minutes

Okay why would you want to move away from pension planning? Maybe you’ve got to retirement and suddenly realised that after you’ve drawn your pension and got any state benefits that your entitled to, that you just don’t have enough to live on. What then ?

Well there is more that you can do for example if you own your property you can down size, generally many people don’t seem keen on this option, I don’t know why lets face it if your living in a big four bed detatched house and the grand children only visit at Christmas, why not release some funds. At this point I want a link to a fashion item, because unfortunately the young judge people. I believe in a fashionable way that can even include your children and grand children. If you have drawn our pension or downsized, you can get that new scooter or car, or even a new wardrobe. What the heck I say if your fit enough to enjoy it then make the most of it. More importantly maybe you could pay your dr to tell you how well you look….! or you might be able to pay for that BUPA appointment, some little things can make a big difference.

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