The Space Race and 100% mortgages !

Two billionaires make it into space within a couple of weeks of each other, am I missing the point? It is not going to resolve global warming, humanities problems are on the earth, I guess brilliant business brains have to let their steam off some how and some where.

Anyway now thinking about housing your children 100% mortgages for first time buyers are back ! There is a catch, of course there would be you need a family member to chip in some deposit by way of security for the next 7 years. However for some it might be the help they need to get onto the property ladder. Terms and conditions apply, interest rates look reasonable and legal advice would be required for the people guaranteeing the security. The UK housing market is so expensive, but when has it ever been cheap?

Pension Bee

How are we supposed to compete? Pensionbee are about to launch their company on the stock exchange for an estimated value of millions, so what do they do they offer?

They offer advice to people approaching retirement. Great if you need to consider where your pension pots are, not so good if you have an salary based pension based on the number of years served. I guess due to the fact that they are well funded maybe allows them to give “good” advice and not the wrong commission driven advice. Anyway I am not jealous, my pot is doing OK, and I know where most of it is, yes I won’t have a lot, but at least I am with a reputable company and one that, will still be there when I want to retire.

Technology Hoarder

If I am honest I do tend to hoard, I am not sure why and I have to consciously clear out every now and then. Well this can include e-mail, I have over 5000 messages on AOL and over 3000 messages on a gmail account. Anyway the point I am trying to make is, in the process of clearing out, it took me to reading some old messages.

One year ago how many of you where invited to a webinar or a zoom meeting? Not many I bet, and today all the time. It is Funny world we live in. I know somethings have to be completed in a physical sense, but some can be done online.

New normal

Well what a year 2020 was, who would have guessed. What next project 2025 or project 2030 obviously no body has thought this up yet, I mean it’s too early for the UK to rejoin the EU, and we can’t have another pandemic that soon.

I just pray that my netflix keeps on working and that people can keep on keeping on, as my aged relatives used to say. It does make me wonder though how trends happen, apparently Big sheds are going to be part of the future. I don’t know why it’s possibly due to the continuing decline of the high street, what a shame. I loved going to the shops when I had a few extra pounds in my pocket. And I still don’t really shop on-line, I tried to join Ocado in the height of the first “stay at home” but guess what no delivery slots !

Oh well, are we coming to the end of the first quarter for the 21st century, where does the time go? Personally I planted a new tree on my allotment and I am hoping the other 5 might start to look a bit more healthy, fire blight on a pear tree, I think it’s bacterial but I am not 100% sure, I will have to google the RHS for more idea’s.

Good luck everyone for 2021, I hope that it’s a good year for you, what ever your wishes may be.

The end of furlough for some?

The UK chancellor is introducing new support for those who are not going back to work. The job support scheme or JSS, what does it mean?

From what I can see if people go back to work for 5% of their normal hours there will be government support to top up income, it’s not book yourself a holiday to the USA kind of income but it might be enough to stop people from begging in the streets. Time will tell and the role out and communication from the government will be key.

Where do you find the information I believe it is on the website, I am not exactly sure where may be alongside the Universal benefit information. Good luck lets survive this winter.

Grey Swan Events

I wanted to consider events that don’t help financially, I was trying to think of examples so here goes.

Example 1. You’ve just taken out a mortgage on your first home with your partner or husband / wife, and one of you suddenly need to give up work for some reason or another, could be to look after another member of your family. Yes you loose a full time income and still have all the same bills to pay, at least to start with.

Example 2. Your boss offers you a redundancy package, after 20 years with the same company, you realise at age 60, your money purchase or DC fund as people in the industry like to say isn’t going to buy you much of a pension. And the state have assessed that you saved diligently and won’t help until your 67, or your saving are below a certain level. What do you do?

I don’t necessarily want answers in the comments below, but just want you to think about how this can affect every day people. These events could need some guidance from a financial adviser, or a member from citizens advice, or from your pension company. However they may not come up with the solutions that are right for you?

What do you do?